Teaching Teams

Strengthening the Home to School Connection

Mill River Center - Room E

With a passion for educating children and learning, LULAC’s highly qualified teachers welcome you to their classrooms!

Cruz Bedoya
Head Teacher

Hello Families & Friends! My name is Cruz Elena Bedoya. I am a Head Teacher in the Infant/Toddler Program. I have you been working at the program for 5 years. I have you been working in the ECE field for 30 years. My favorite hobby is Hardanger Embroidery. My favorite thing is spending time with my family. My favorite book is Zorba the Greek by Niko Kazantzakis.

Ada Heredia
Teacher Assistant

My name is Ada Heredia. I am a Teacher Assistant at MRC. I have been working for approximately 2 years and 8 months. I work directly with children. I love my job. My time outside of work, I dedicate to my home. I like to relax at home.

Fabiola Perez

I have a CDA (Child Development Associates) for Infant & Toddlers. I hope to continue my education in the field of Early Childhood Education. I was born in Guatemala and moved to the USA when I was 21 years old. I am 33 years old and mother of three beautiful children. Before going to work for LULAC Head Start Inc. cleaned houses. After completing my CDA, I applied to LULAC and. was accepted to work as part-time Teacher Assistant. Months later, I was promoted to work full-time. I’ve been working at LULAC since February 2020. I am looking forward in improving my English as a second language and pursue my education. My goal as a teacher is to provide a safe, healthy, and attractive environment for children. I love spending quality time with my family.