About Us

Who we are and our mission in the community

LULAC’s Mission, Vision, Values & Program Goals

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Developing children, families and the community for life.


LULAC envisions setting the highest standard of quality and excellence in comprehensive early childhood programming in New England by increasing all children’s school readiness for kindergarten, fostering family development and creating lifelong learners in our communities.



We are committed to providing childcare and family services that promote school readiness skills and enhances our community.

We collaborate with a diverse community to achieve a shared vision of advocating for and providing early childhood learning and development.

We promote the health, safety and wellness of our children, families, staff, workplace culture and community.

We organize as a professional team of staff, stakeholders and partners who effectively support our work and business structure.

We lead compassionately and boldly in our commitment to creating a positive difference in our community.

We promote a love of learning with meaningful knowledge that empowers and promotes the development of lifelong learners and community leaders.

We honor all individuals and abilities, creating an inclusive and equitable environment where diversity is valued and celebrated.

We champion individual achievement and success of our children, families and staff and partner with them to meet their goals.

Program Goals

LULAC Head Start will:

  1. Strengthen children’s transitions across the program and into kindergarten.
  2. Increase the social-emotional school readiness skills for all children enrolled.
  3. Increase parent engagement in the program and in their children’s early learning.
  4. Create a culture of health and safety across the agency for an optimal learning environment.
  5. The program will enhance staff and families’ understanding of the purpose and meaning of data to support the needs of children, families, and community.
Lulac student smiling during graduation