Teaching Teams

Strengthening the Home to School Connection

Fay Miller Center - Room B

With a passion for educating children and learning, LULAC’s highly qualified teachers welcome you to their classrooms!

Vera Davis-Wool Folk
"Vera Davis-Wool Folk
Head Teacher

My experience in early childhood spans 59 years, working at home with my siblings, children of family and friends, public school and childcare centers. As a young child my maternal grandmother would observe me working with children and say, "She will be a teacher one day." Her prediction came to pass. My goal with each child is to "polish the apple", not calling them a fruit, but using it as an example of how I awaken their creativity and brains.

Deja Taylor
Deja Taylor

A warm welcome to all of you, My name is Deja Taylor. I originate from Queens, New York. Found my passion at a very young age in art, modeling, dancing and helping my huge family that had many children. As I grew older I attended Cooperative Arts and Humanities where I studied Chinese language ,Ballet, theatre and fashion for Four years. I performed at many shows in different states. I was determined to find a way to help families and still enjoy art, dancing and fashion. After I graduated I went on to attend college and Studied Business Management and Fashion Merchandising. I traveled to different states as I had a fashion coordinator position and created my own fashion shows. After my life challenging experience with my Dad getting sick and being his biggest support I met a friend that was in my fashion show who studied Early Childhood Education. My whole world changed for the better and I have had my experiences at multiple places with different positions and I can truly say from experience Lulac Head Start is unmatched. After years of being in this Field I now have two handsome and smart boys that also attend Lulac Head Start Fay Miller Center. As I have cared for families lulac has cared for my own. I am grateful for lulac. I am currently A Teacher at Fay Miller Center in Room G

Keila Cartaena
Teacher Assistant

My name is Keila Enid Cartagena, I was born in the town of Guayama, P.R. I grew up in the Town of Salinas. I studied at Elementary, Middle and High School where I obtained my Fourth Year Diploma. In the same year I graduated I had my firstborn and only son who is now 24 years old. Since my adolescence I have always worked and studied the Medical Secretarial Course with Billing in an Institute. In 2013 I decided to return to study and obtained my Associate Degree in Pharmacy Technician for a term of two (2) which I graduated with good honors and obtained my Certification with excellent grades. In 2016 I made the decision to look for new horizons for a better future, economic stability and good quality. I moved to the State of Connecticut here in New Haven where I reside six (6) years ago, a month after arriving I got a job as a cashier in a C Town Supermarket where I learned to give excellent customer service and interact with different races and cultures, different eating habits I stayed in this until November 2022. Then I am presented with the opportunity to be able to take the option of quitting my job for another where I would obtain greater benefits, and this is where I am hired by Lulac Head Start. One of the first places where it applies when you arrive, but it is not when you want but when God disposes and in time. I am currently employed, and I hope to continue growing and undertaking in this branch of Education, I will take advantage of all the opportunities to acquire knowledge and obtain all the continuous educations that the Center offers me. Today I am very satisfied with my work as a Child Assistant at the Lulac Head Start Centre (FMC) in Room B.