Teaching Teams

Strengthening the Home to School Connection

Future Leaders Center - Room 1

With a passion for educating children and learning, LULAC’s highly qualified teachers welcome you to their classrooms!

Melissa Osorio
Head Teacher

My name is Melissa Osorio Alvarez, I was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Preschool and Elementary Education specializing in 4th to 6th grade from Universidad del Este in Carolina, Puerto Rico and a CDA in Infant and Toddlers from the State of Connecticut. I have been working at LULAC for 5 years and am a Head Teacher at Mill River Center. I love children and helping. I love my job and everything I do.

Yesabell Soto

I am Yessabell Soto Lozada and I am a Preschool Teacher at Lulac where I have been employed since 2012. I started at Lulac as a parent participating and volunteering my time at my little one's classroom until I fell in love with this profession and made it my own. I truly enjoy to create art with my little ones and see their emotions during the process. I am a proud mother of two boys Yalex (16) and Yael (9) both Lulac baby’s .