Teaching Teams

Strengthening the Home to School Connection

LULAC Overbrook - Room B

With a passion for educating children and learning, LULAC’s highly qualified teachers welcome you to their classrooms!

Julie Bailey
Head Teacher

My name is Julie Bailey. I am a Teacher at LULAC Head Start for Infant and toddlers. I have worked in early childhood education for about 14 years . I started out as a home day provider. From there, I trained and pursued education to become an assistant teacher and now a teacher in the classroom. My role as a teacher is to assist the Head Teacher in establishing a safe, nurturing and stimulating classroom environment; preparing and maintaining materials and supplies, and consulting on plans and curriculum activities. In my time off from work, I enjoy spending time with my daughter, family and friends. I love and enjoy watching movies and going shopping.

Ainara Rodriguez
Teacher Assistant

Hello! My name is Ainara Rodriguez. I am a Teacher Assistant. I have been working at the program for 3 years.

Shantai Hill
Teacher Assistant

Hello Families & Friends! My name is Shantai Hill. I am a Teacher Assistant. I have been working at the program for one year but have been working in the early childhood field for 6 years. My favorite hobby is eating. My favorite thing about my family is that we very proud individuals. My favorite dish is steak, rice, and beans.