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Family Engagement/Enrollment

It's Open Enrollment season for any family seeking childcare to go back to work, study in school or seek early childhood education for their child. LULAC has a program that fits your needs. We have income based programs with a sliding scale fee or a free option. LULAC offers a safe, welcoming, learning environment for children as early as 2 months old through age 5 when we graduate them to Kindergarten. Apply today for the new school year starting on September 6th, 2021. Some of the supporting documents we'll need are as follows:
• Birth Certificate (long form)
• Proof of Income (TANF (DSS) Budget Letter, 4 weekly consecutive pay stubs, 2 bi-weekly consecutive pay stubs, W-2 or 1040 Form, Employer’s letter on company letterhead stating hourly wage and hours work per week or current payroll history for the last 4 weeks)
• Proof of Address (CURRENT grounded utility bill, rental lease)
• Physical Exam
• Immunizations
• Dental Exam
• Health Insurance Card
• Proof of Custody (If Applicable)
• Employer’s letter on company letterhead stating work schedule, school or training (for full day/full year services)

Young mother reading to her child

Staff Highlights

Anite Gelin, Education & Inclusion Coordinator
My name is Anite Gelin and I began being part of LULAC in March 2003, as a parent and became a staff member on Nov 3rd, 2003. On Nov 3, 2022, I celebrated 19 years of work anniversary at the program working in different capacities starting from Assistant Teacher, Teacher, Head Teacher, Family Advocate, and Facilitator where I served in a supervisory role to the Infant/Toddler staff, a Coach and currently working as an Education/ Disabilities Coordinator for the past two years. Throughout those years I have assisted with the opening of two satellite sites in New Haven-LULAC Observatory and Crossroad. I had the opportunity to work at all centers and work with staff from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I have learned from all of them regardless of their positions. The program has become a second home for me as it does for others. I believe in its mission and how it has positively impacted the developmental learning of the children, creating that foundation of school readiness and supporting the families in the community that we serve.
Danielle Abel, Education & Inclusion Coordinator
Hello! My name is Danielle Abel. I am excited to announce that I am the new Preschool Education and Disabilities Coordinator! I have been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for 24 (and counting) years. I was a Preschool Teacher for 23 years and a Preschool Coach for 1 year. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree from Wheelock College, as well as my CT. Director’s Credential from Charter Oak State College.  I love working with children, supporting teachers, and engaging with families! I have a daughter who is nine years old and plays ice hockey. If you can’t find me in a classroom, you will find me at the hockey rink!

Education & Inclusion Coordinators at Lulac Headstart

Program Updates

LULAC goes to Washington! What a day! Our annual trip to the Capital has returned and it was so great to be back and championing the wonderful work of Head Start. Our Executive Director and some of the Management Team spent the day in DC meeting with Congress and discussing the important work we do and the need for increased funding for Head Start to support our amazing staff and community impact

Lulac team heads to Washington DC


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